My first rule became: The first solo only happens when absolutely nothing else can happen...You don’t write in a solo until you’ve completely exhausted what you have to say. If you give a soloist an open solo for 30 seconds, he plays like he’s coming from the piece that you wrote. Then he says, ‘What the hell was that piece that I was playing from?’ And the next 30 seconds is, ‘Oh, I guess I’ll play what I learned last night.’ And bang! Minute 2 is whoever he likes, which is probably Coltrane.
— Brookmeyer, “Bob Brookmeyer: Raging and Composing Against the Jazz Machine.” The New York Times, May 12, 2006

Born in South Korea, Grew up in Vancouver, BC Canada, Currently trying to survive in Montreal, QC.

Education: Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance (Capilano University 2015), Master of Music in Jazz Composition (University of Oregon 2018)

Studied with: Bob Doyle, Ross Taggart, Bill Coon, Steve Owen, Idit Shner

Teaching experience: Private Piano Inctructor since 2010, Instructor at Places Des Arts, (2015-2016, Vancouver) Substitute instructor at Long and Mcquade, (2014-2016, Vancouver) Graduate Employee: Jazz Combo Instructor and Instructor for Functional Jazz Piano Class, (2016-2018, University of Oregon)

Performance experience: Toured Europe (Montreux, Vienne, Turin, Perugia, Siena, Florence, Scarperia) with Oregon Jazz Ensemble, (Summer 2018) Vancouver Jazz Festival, (2017) MAGFEST with MissingNo, (2014, 2015) Duke Ellington’s Sacred Music with Fred Stride’s big band (2012, 2013)

Other musical experience: Volunteered as a lounge pianist at New View Society, (2014-2016) Unitarian Church Accompanist (2014-2016)


Composition and Arrangement

Big Band: Blue Boursin, Billie’s Bounce (Parker), Good Guy Greg, Wettstein, One for Eunji, Thank you, Three Cakes, Unresolved Dreams, Weird coffee guy, You are a baaaad Cat, Blues in the Closet (Pettiford), Dream King, How deep is the ocean (Berlin), I get along without you very well

Sextet to Octet: Siggi and Emma, It Takes Two to Cha-Cha, Hulk the Musical, Consent for the Beta Spray, Climber Kelsey, Ibuprofen and Coffee Breakfast, “Jenny, the unapologetic Feminist”, No Pressure, Wettstein, “Bill, Ross, and a Fire Axe”, Blairmaphone, Black Dog (Led Zeppelin), Crapilano Moment, Dishwashing with Lyle, The Fir people, Jane of the Fir,  Preface, Rewiring, Sassy and Gassy, Solitary Truth, There’s no greater Love (Jones), Waltz for Emma, Whale and Hook (Postl), Where a dream ends, Yago (Coon)

Missingno: Aerith (Final Fantasy 7), Baba Yetu (Civilization 4), Dominion Theme (League of Legend), Enchilasagna (Original), Forest Theme (Donkey Kong2),  Hirule Castle (Legend of Zelda), Kokoro (Ni No Kuni), Link to the past (Legend of Zelda), Sephiroth (Final Fantasy 7), Socially Awkward Aram (Original)