On Belay?

songs inspired by Rock Climbing

On Belay? (2018)

Every song in this album is inspired by Rock Climbing and Bouldering. I don’t know how others got their master’s degree in music, but I couldn’t have done it without rock climbing regularly. There are so many reasons why people climb, despite it’s the third most dangerous sports according to my belay partner/best friend Kelsey.

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between Orange and Grey (2016)

My debut album which was recorded back in 2016. Every tune is inspired and dedicated to variety of friends I have. For example, “Good Guy Greg”, is dedicated to an old friend who has been the biggest logical voice in my life for past 3 years or so. (Also it’s a popular meme back in 2016. Look up the good guy greg meme now!) Ibuprofen and Coffee Breakfast is dedicated to myself. Lower back pain is not a joke. Please use a comfortable chair adjusted to your height.

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